What slender lines the river seems to hold

Flashing past on my way home

From home

Vermeered yellow patch this landscape less than whole

The snow at Cogne

Our fortunes in the bar foretold

Cycling to school the houses rushed past

Declan laughing at Janet and John books

Fingers stained with ink

Dungeon and Dragons our world

The chain off greased back at just past Kings Park

Pushing back on the cog with greased fingers cold

Discovering and losing so much

The salt on the wind

The decay of childhood into silences

Trying to keep hold of the sofa nap

Wanting so much to know

Making love and trying to keep

The feeling within and the women that i hold


My children bounce on my bed to play

And after seconds they take themselves away

My sister’s life in mine the memory dissolves

Our lives as fleeting as this view

His clothes we bagged up and they sat alone

Airless, preserved

The twine unravelling over time

The memory of him

Slowly frayed

Grief decomposes over time

In sorting out a damp basement

The bags uncovered

Ripped plastics, his jacket spilled out

In part now rotten with damp

As surely as his corpse was made

Into nothingness before heaven

I cannot put his body back into these suits and coats

I cannot clasp now the sounds he made

The final stage of death

When new grief replaces old

His death displaced

His cuffs, his sleeves, his trousers legs

Somehow, betrayed by time

The darkness comes

When I am all alone

I look for something to hold onto

Finally, I find you