Toys, bike, scooter, bags, I-tunes, Wi.

not enough money or will to run a child like a department

so sit on your blackberry all morning

and decades later , expect all sorts of pain.

Back at work tomorrow, grateful partner keeps exhausted kids home and near the loo.

Or fight it off

Push sunglasses back over thinning hair

Wear too trendy shoes

Move body away as if to say: those are not mine

Cling to singledom in the face of a full nappy

Or let Dadhood dawn

know how to fail

whims cannot be met

Every game is not perfect

You can do a nappy, but thank you for the advice

Dadhood is a state of mind

A state of grace too

Be grateful

When it is ever granted to you

It lasts less than a whisper and then

Their bodies are running away fast

and they know how to poo.

You cannot text them back.

You need to let them fly.