1)     Yesterday’s sandcastles, like other peoples’ relationships, are inexplicable. On the last day of summer they need to be ignored.

2)     Deck chairs live in garages through the rainy months before coming into their own again. Oil before storage.

3)     Many buckets and spades do not survive the February clear out and will need to be renewed. Alternatively dry, remove sand and place them carefully on the third shelf by the loo.

4)     A beach towel after a December bath holds the promise of the months to come.

5)     All photos should be saved right away so as not to be deleted when the memory becomes full.

6)     The grasses in the sand dunes will hold the boys wars in their roots until next year – both roots and boys remember.

7)     Beach huts define borders of childhood like sentry posts control countries. They must never be entered after September 15th because of the danger of breathing in melancholy.

8)     Patterns of tidal withdrawal are each different, each the same. Like families. These patterns should not be considered in winter months because of the strong danger of wistfulness.