From sitting to running

No stretching

Aching of cold muscles

Achilles tendon straining

But I will make it

Feeling every part of my body

My mouth dry,

Body sweaty

And a long drawn out recovery

Muscles have memories too

Can recall some part of them

Each run

Each missed ball

Or driving run at Kenwood

The upward slope from school

Each run in each tendon placed

But one run

Dominates them all

Two or three hundred meters

Flat conditions

Sand, shells, water

Wind behind

Sun in front

Towards cabbage creek

From the end of five bridges

One moment head and torso

Were in view

The next he was below

Running thoughtless only looking

Unaware I had began

Before I was splashing

Through shallows

Towards him

The girl, the thin, older, one,

Had his head up

His face towards me

Carried him across the sand

Not out of breath

No pain

Our two wet bodies as one.