Some of these pieces were written originally as poems but have been reworked as prose. Here are the two original poems that the prose piece, other people’s babies is based on.

First Words

Years later



Is debated.

Elevated to the choice.

Who did she love more?

Who did she want more?

But in fact

Her first word

Was “Fruits”.

This leaves us all looking at the floor.

First Step

Legs push

Face red

Struggles alone

Every part of him

Except one hand

Strains forward

That hand

Holds up his nappy

He.                   Will.                 Walk.

He.                   Might.              Talk.

One day.

It depends.

But, today:

He.                   Will.                 Walk.

“All by myself”

The PM’s face maps the strain

The nurse makes it ok, then yawns

The marine grunts, charges, falls

The bus driver warms us with her smile

The surgeon’s knife falls

The teacher tries to inspire

The baker sweats out his loaves

The mechanic fixes my tyre

My stress.        Work.     Calls.  Emails.  Funding.

And then I think of him

Just one step

“All by myself”.

Now that’s a hard day’s work.